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Home Repairs

Areas of Inspection

Structural Components : including foundations, walls, floors, columns or piers ceilings and roofs.

Exterior: including wall cladding, flashings, and trim. Entryway doors as well as a representative number of windows. Garage door operators, decks, balconies, stoops, steps, areaways, porches and railings. Eaves, soffits and fascias. Grading
, drainage, driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls.

Roofing: including roof coverings, roof drainage systems, flashing, skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.

Plumbing: including interior water supply and distribution systems, interior drains, waste and vent systems, hot water systems, fuel storage and distribution systems and sump pumps.

Electrical: including service entrance conductors, service equipment, main distribution panels, voltage ratings, a representative number of ceiling fans, lighting switches and receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupters and smoke detectors.

Heating Systems: including permanently installed heating systems and its controls, chimneys, heat distribution system, fans, pumps, ducts, and automatic safety controls.

Central Air Conditioning: including normal operating controls of the central air conditioning system and the distribution system.

Interior: including walls, ceiling, floors, steps, stairways, balconies, railings, counters, and a representative number of cabinets. A representative number of doors and windows.

Insulation and Ventilation: including insulation vapor barriers, ventilation of attic and foundation, kitchen, bath and laundry venting systems and the operation of any readily accessible attic ventilation fans when temperature permit.

Built in Kitchen Appliances: including the observation and operation of dishwasher, range, trash compactor, garbage disposal, ventilation equipment and permanently installed oven and microwave ovens. 

                                                   Photos taken of Problem Areas

It is our belief that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to your home. We access areas that you may not have noticed in a routine walk-through. We will provide you with pictures along with the summary.