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The Vision of Mecklenburg Inspections, Inc.

Our vision is to provide a great inspection at a reasonable cost. We will provide you with answers to any questions that you may have. By being an informed homebuyer, it is our hope that any anxieties that you may have had, are now in the past. Our inspection will offer you the “peace of mind” you deserve.

At Mecklenburg Inspections we are committed to giving our clients the best visual inspection possible. Our goal is to provide you with an impartial third party inspection, which will give you complete, quality information and help to ease the stress of buying a home. Our inspections take several hours depending on the size and age of the home and will make you an informed buyer. A rule of thumb is one hour per thousand square feet of heated space. Photos and a detailed report are made available to you within 24 hours of inspection.

Excellent! Mike was thorough and explained everything to me in a way even a non-handy person can understand!

Great! The inspection was very thorough. I highly recommend.

Michael Lewis performed an inspection on a home we are buying. We live out of town so we were really relying on him and his ability to communicate. Michael’s report was very complete and easy to read. Where there were minor questions, his wife was able to very quickly and easily get answers. Not much to report other than very pleasant and easy to work with.

Mike was prompt, very polite, friendly, and presented himself well. He explained all the summary items noted, and the report was emailed to me promptly. I would highly recommend him.

Michael is a real professional, friendly and very detail oriented. Inspection required three hours and we received the report (e-mail) the same day. Final report with pictures is 18 pages. Highly recommend Mecklenburg Inspections.

Very professional and thorough. Was a pleasure to deal with and would HIGHLY recommend them. Worth every penny!

Inspection went great and was incredibly thorough. We had a punch list of items that were noticed by the inspection down to a granular/detailed level that was greatly appreciated. We also requested a Radon inspection and were glad we did because there were elevated levels that were found in the home. After we provided the list of items to the sellers they fixed the majority of them as requested. Mecklenburg Inspections came back and inspected the fixes, although I cannot speak to whether there was a cost associated with that (I imagine there was for the sellers).

Michael was excellent! He reviewed and tested every accessible area in the home, and explained all of his findings to me before leaving. He follow-up with a written report that was timely, very detailed, and contained photo references. Best investment I’ve ever made!

Michael did a thorough job of looking at all aspects of the home. We were at the site during the inspection and were well pleased with his knowledge, expertise and thoroughness. We received a  verbal report on the spot and that evening were emailed a written report with pictures. The report is detailed and easily understood and also included suggestions. All communications with the office and at the job site were courteous, friendly and professional. We will definitely call on them again if we need another home inspection.

Michael was available to perform the inspection on a Saturday. He arrived on time, very professional and thorough. He prepared the report and shared the results with us the same day. Very efficient and explained all the aspects in detail.

He was great. He did a through rough inspection and let me know what appeared and things that were not to code. He let me know about safety hazards and electrical plumbing issues. He has a great detailed report and recommends if you need to look further into things. He would also recommend if things need repaired.

Mike arrived on time, prioritized my objectives and concerns. Took the time to explain his findings and thoroughly documented the investigation.